The band "Schema" was formed in 1993 in Ioannina and brings forth sounds and images of the beautiful city,which carry away and excite the pop -and not only- fans.

Since then,the band participated in many concerts all around the country.

Since 1995, Schema appears in a daily basis in clubs during the winter season.

In 2000 we took part -as the only Greek band chosen that year- in the European rock bands' Contest and were qualified for the first ten,with the song "Prospatho".

We 've presented our work via the Greek National Television.

In May 2003 we recorded for the first time our work,entitled "come closer". The cd consisted of 2 songs in Greek and 3 in english verse.

The cd was released in October by "Side 2 Records co.",with the cooperation of "Studio II" and was distributed by "Kinisi of sound and music".

The sound engineering and the remixing were done by Chris Lainas,the mastering by COTI K and the backing vocals by Annalina Photopoulou.

The second album,containing 11 songs and entitled "earth", came out in May 2004. Produced by Stathis Chouliaris and Chris Lainas, it was released by the same record company as "come closer" and featured a number of friendly contributions as:
Annalina Photopoulou: In vocals
Photini Nikolopoulou: in cello
Yannis Papanastasiou: in saxophone
Chris Zois: in contrabass
The supervising producer was Vlassis Erimakis.

The orchestration and composition were made by S. Chouliaris while the lyrics belong to:

Ahileas Nasios
Asem Aboumogli

Olga Zani

Annalina Fotopoulou

Stathis Chouliaris

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